WFAANZ Code of Ethics


Provide our customers with high quality products and workmanship while building trust and respect for our industry.

Conduct business in a fair and ethical manner while maintaining a professional attitude towards the competition.

Sell and install products which meet established guidelines for safety and performance.

Adhere to the laws and standards of communities in which we operate,

Represent the Window Film Industry as an informed, responsible association eager to give customer service and satisfaction.

Appreciate the free enterprise system and promise to conduct business as affair competitor while meeting our obligations as an industry member.

Treat our customers, employees and competitors with dignity and co-operative attitude.

Educate by sharing knowledge of the benefits of window film as an energy conservation product available to all.

Support the industry by attending meetings and seminars sponsored by those helping us to become better informed on our product.

Contribute our time talent and financial support in helping those organization which is dedicated to protecting our livelihood.