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Anti Vandal







Anti Vandal

Sol-Tech can provide a solution to costly glass replacement through vandalism, both spray paint grafitti and glass scrathing or etching.

It is suitable for exterior application to glass and metal surfaces. It is used in high pedestrian traffic areas to protect signage, retail shop fronts, public areas, shopping centres and public transport vehicles, including bus and train windows.


Anti Vandal films are very cost effective due to quick and easy application and replacement.  We can respond quickly to replace damged films meaning your business is quickly presentable with virtually no interruption to your trade. The cost difference between applying Anti Vandal films and replacing the glass in most cases is less than 30%. Suitable for glass, mirrors, marble and stainless steel.

Graffiti/etching is a depressing and expensive reality of life. Vandals can strike wherever there is temptation, glass and mirrors in public buildings, such as shopping centres, toilet mirrors, foyers, elevator lifts or shop front windows.


Take a look at some of our past and present customers below

Past and present Anti Vandal film customers include:
  • Penrith Panthers

  • Bendigo Bank

  • State Super Financial

  • Castle Towers - Castle Hill

  • Westpoint Blacktown

  • Westfields Penrith

  • Centrelink

  • Australian Taxation Office - Penrith, Parramatta

  • St George Bank

  • Many, many more